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BEST Heat Controller for Distilling!

I am really excited about our new product.The perfect controller for the perfectionist distiller. For even the novice that knows NOTHING. You just set your temperature or turn the dial to the set temperature and it will run itself. SET AND FORGET. This one will ACTUALLY run the still without you being there. There will be apps attached to this which will send you text to phone or android! No need to label your containers for the alcohol content, they will always be the same thing as using the still troll! This will revolutionize how people will make ethanol. Once you set at 173 it will stay at 173 through the entire run. So you can set this at night, go to bed, wake up and its done!

I am launching this product tonight. It takes the guesswork out of distilling ethanol. I have been working on this for two years with an engineer. To make something that is affordable to the home distiller market or the micro distiller. This box will definitely be a plus for the home brewers that are creating a wort with different temps at different times. This box has a timer.Not only can this be used for distilling high proof alcohol, or different sorts of beer. This still Troll can be custom made to suit those that are running twenty to thirty kva. On that note it can be manipulated to run propane on your still. Not only electricity but gas! It will manipulate a solanoid.

I will be making more videos running this. If anybody has a custom job that wants this for their personal distillery, my engineer will work out the capabilities and design the box to suit your needs. No longer spending ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars to control a distillery!

Here are some photos:

See bottom of this blog post, I have a description of the whole thing*

Look at it, it is a real computer!

I also have a single box and a double phase angle controller box. The single box runs a 5500 watt element. That will heat a keg 15 gallons in thirty five minutes to distill. When it comes up to temperature, you can turn it down to the flow rate and the alcohol content you desire. This is 280 dollars, not 600$ that is on the market selling now. Check out how big the heat sink is on the back and you know you are getting your money’s worth.

Also this is a double phase angle controller that runs 9000 watts. This has two breakers and it is controllable. This is showing you the amps and the wattage on a screen. It is more wattage than the single. It doesn’t cost you a thousand dollars plus! $600 

Double Phase Angle Controller

The Single and the Double have been worked on by an avid distiller, who is electrician and works in a distillery that is trying to simplify controlling the pot temperature.

These can be used on any still!! Running electrical elements.

Also I have designed a new product. It is a 3 inch Still Complete Starter Kit- This is a 3 inch Alchemist Copper Reflux Tower STARTER KIT.
Still, Deluxe Keg Boiler, 7 bags of yeast, 2 heating belts, two 8 gallon buckets with airlocks, copper mesh packing, Parrot, triple scale hydrometer, alcohol meter, all hoses and fittings. All for 1690$ plus 22% shipping flat rate within USA!
Here is a video

This is a distilling kit for the ETHANOL market. And those who want to create alcohol. This is a one stop shop. This three inch still will produce up to 7 gallons an hour. On full tilt. Meaning that it is running high wattage and probably supplemented with propane.

It comes with a custom made parrot too. Each parrot is individual. The only time I get to have fun in my workshop.But I do have fun making stills.

I am helping open up another distillery in Toledo. Using a 450 gallon pot still, slash stripping still. I designed the boilers. All of the boilers and stills are custom made. You can see me here in the distillery setting up for their opening.. See this video.

They are going to make a whiskey and a vodka. I will give you an update how this distillery is going to work out. They are using in their product malted corn. So for all those whiskey lovers, watch out.

I have been very busy. I apologize to all those who have been waiting to talk to me. I have to oversee everything in my shed. I put my name behind everything. Personally I check everything that is done. I am very rarely in front of a computer during the week. I try to call back everyone who leaves me a message.
I shaved my head because the guys make fun of my long hair. Everyone has short hair. So on Saturday morning I went with them to the barber.

I am working on a whiskey, rum and a flavored vodka recipes and ingredients-that fit into flat rate boxes. 

CHECK OUT THIS LINK TO PETITION to legalize home distillation!



Legalize home distillation for home spirits!

Currently home distilling is illegal in the US. This petition aims to legalize home distilling. Since 1979, home brewing has been legal, the current artisanal renaissance in craft beers can be connected to this legalization. Home brewers emerge with legalization and openly compete in competition and are able to practice brewing skills without fear of retribution of the law. If home distilling was legalized, I argue we would see a similar renaissance emerge with craft liquors and spirits across the US. The taxes loss from home distilling would be regained by the sale of the local craft spirits and liquors. It’s time to legalize this so home distillers can flourish and launch businesses that feed into the current artisanal movement.

*Rainier Distillers Still-Troll Control System.  Version 2.10

 While distilling using any of the automatic modes, you will produce the exact amount of production from the start to the finish.  If you gauge your final product at 100 proof from the beginning, then it will be the same later on in the run.  If you are producing a “finish” run to strip most of the alcohol out of it, then you will consistently achieve the most out of your mash that is possible.  It will also be consistent from the start of the system to the end.  Example: 180 proof is the first sample taken from a mash run, then 8 hours later it will consistently be the same later.  It will decrease in production once you remove the alcohol from the mash.  Therefore it may take longer to achieve the same levels, but it will be the same levels that you started with.  There is a setting on the Still-Troll that allows you to customize the run.  This setting allows you to experiment and achieve your own results by distilling at different temperatures consistently.  During an initial start-up, it will display the heat-up time on the front of the controller.  Once the vapors reaches a set point of 117 degrees and higher, the still will sound an alarm stating that it is entering into production mode after heating up.  We recommend that you dis-card the first 10 minutes of your finish product due to the amount of methanol that is being produced and carried over.  A good method of sensing that is has completed through this phase during a finish run is it will be clear, and not cloudy. During a strip run, we recommend that you dis-card the first 15 minutes of this final product before claiming it as final product.  If you stop the process anytime during production, we recommend that you restart the dis-carding process once desired temperature has been reached.  This system allows for multiple heating sources including gas, as one of the sources for the system.  It has accommodation up to 30 Amps of power regulation inside the controller to handle either 115 VAC, or 230 VAC heating sources.  See heating chart on what elements can be used in conjunction with this controller.  There is an option to use multiple elements to achieve the production set point, and then drop out one of them to conserve energy as well.  Consult your manual for these settings.  We pride ourselves in using the most precise measurement devices in the industry.  All of our standard systems are controlled using RTD temperature sensors.  Unlike Thermocouples which drift in temperature up to 3 degrees a year, our precision senors in conjunction with our unique control  system work flawlessly to create the perfect run for your results.

Tower Properties:  We typically have between 1-4 wadings in the tower that can be purchased and re-used for several batches through Rainier Distillers.  This has been proven to provide enough back pressure and filtering of the hot mash to get more than adequate results.  If you are doing a strip run, we recommend no more than 1 wadding in the tower due to retrieving the most flavors in the final product as possible.

General operation Strip Run: The first method is a “Strip” run.  This would typically be used to distill a flavor wine or beer to generate it into a flavorful spirit.  You can expect to get the full flavors of the “Mash” in your finished product rather easily.  The Still-Troll allows for the most precise distilling around.  It allows you to be able to place the control in the “strip” run position and allows you to gather the most possible flavored spirits achievable.  A flavor to distill for example is an extremely hoppy beer, or a wine like a Riesling which makes Brandy when distilled.  You will be impressed with the consistency that you can create by distilling a very good beer by tasting the hops, and malt in the finished flavored distilled spirits.

General operation Finish Run:  The second method is a “Finish” run.  This method is used to extract the most alcohol from the mash as possible.  Since Alcohol and water separate around 172 degrees, this setting will produce an almost perfect product between 80-95 percent finished product.  This is typically used to produce fuel, or straight white lightning, moonshine, ect.

Custom operation:  This setting allows for the operator to determine the set point at which they would like to extract the finished product.  This allows for users to experiment and develop their own custom spirit.  We would like to caution the operator that distilling under 170 degrees F produces some non-consumable product if too low in temperature that can be harmful for Human consumption.

This control system has proudly been in the development and testing for over 2 years.

“No need to label your containers for the alcohol content, they will always be the same using the still-troll”

“The perfect Controller for the perfectionist Distiller”

Consult us for your needs if larger systems are required.

Rainier Distillers,


  1. ron gunderson says:

    hi im thinking about buying your 2in copper moonshine still and your single box and a double phase angle controller box I have a 15.5 gal. sanke keg I need to put the heating elements and cleanout door in also thermometer filler port on top can you sell me the parts I will need to get my keg ready first then when I get that done I will get back to you to get the rest of the stuff I have done a lot of reading the last couple months because im new to this your stuff seems to be by far the best stuff out there I hope you can help me out thanks for taking your time with a rookie ron


  2. Jack Edwards says:

    I have a 16 gallon keg reflux still with 2 hot water heater elements in it. I’m looking for a 110V controller box to control wattage of the heat elements and have a temperature sensor to control temperature


  3. Connie says:

    I was reading a lot of your articles about the heating elements. Do you sell the heating element or not, I was half a sleep when I was trying to read? If you do sell them how do I get a price and talk to you about what I have already? I loved your stories and exsperiments and can’t wait to kind of pick your brain on some different stuff. If you could let me know if you sell them then I could email you back on the size of the still I have and my set up. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon. Connie


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